Fish'n Canada

TV Show

One of Canada’s longest-running fishing shows, Fish’n Canada travels from coast to coast in search of trophy fishing opportunities. First started by brothers Angelo and Reno Viola in 1986, The Fish’n Canada show has been on the air for over 30 years.

Today, a lifelong fishing buddy, Peter Bowman joins Angelo, and the pair continue to travel across Canada, educating anglers using the experience they’ve gained over the years

Project Goals

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Problem Faced

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Hard to navigate

The site content arrangement made it difficult for visitors to find relevant information and navigate the site with ease.

Poor community engagement

Due to the nature of the show, it needed a site that will foster a connection between the fans and compel them to participate in the contests.

Content structure

The show has several contents to showcase but it was not structured orderly on the site thereby reducing site speed and making it difficult for users to get information.

Solutions implemented

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Make sales online

We used engaging words to compel fans to participate in contests and the brand consistently shared fishing tips with the fans, resulting in an increased participation rate

Give your business a better look and feel

A new and better responsive website was designed to enhance navigation and improve engagement. In addition, we designed the new website with up-to-date features that made it look clean and with improved functionality.

Get more leads for your business

We understand the need to educate and engage your audience with relevant content as a result, we structured the 10+ years’ worth of content in an orderly manner that would improve accessibility and compel users to take the desired action


The Fish’n Canada Show boasts an average audience of 450,000 in Canada and the U.S., making it one of the continent’s most-watched outdoor shows and with the website that we designed, they continually improve this number in the following ways:

audience engagement
Enhanced brand

Testimonial from Fish n'Canada

“Joseph and his team did a fantastic job revamping our site and adding every feature we requested. They went above and beyond in every way to ensure that the product met our high expectation.”


Features implemented

what we did

Community functions

We have implemented this feature to allow visitors to be able to create an account in order to register for competitions and discuss on the forum. Users can create and update profiles, including the use of profile photos, they can send private messages, create groups, and more.

Dynamic gallery

The website is about fishing, so the clients needed a dynamic gallery in which visitors could easily and quickly see the exceptional catches of the participants in the competitions but also get the latest news. This gallery can display photos, videos, blog posts and even podcasts.

Interactive map

There is a section that lists the best fishing spots in Canada, so we have created an interactive map allowing visitors to be informed precisely on the locations, by clicking on the map, it opens the GPS app on the phone.


Visitors can quickly access the latest podcasts without having to search for it, they have the choice in one click to play podcast on the website or open it directly in their favorite app like spotify.

Software Solutions

What we used

logo buddypress
logo elementor
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